ProVent Install

2005 Jeep Liberty CRD

Total time: 4 hours (not including custom bracket)

(A) 3/4" ID hose (6 ft.) I used Bellowsflex from HBD Thermoid. It's total overkill, but nice stuff. I got it at a marine supply store.
(B) 1/2" ID clear hose (3 ft.) shown w/ 1/2" cap Home Depot or similar
(C) Hose clamps:
4x 1", 6x 3/4", 2x 1/2"
Stainless. Easy to get

2x 3/4" to 1",
1x 3/4" - 3/4"

For these sizes you are looking for "PP"(polypropylene) fittings used with irrigation hose. Hardware stores and farm supply
(E) Mann-Hummel ProVent 200 I got mine at Air Now Supply
(F) Custom mounting bracket for ProVent. Highly recommended. Otherwise you can zip-tie it, but then it will likely rattle around against the brake master cylinder reservoir.
(G) 1 " ID hose (1 ft.) Bellowsflex from HBD Thermoid.

Assembled parts including drain pipe. I used clear to be able to see any oil accumulating even though it's not fuel rated.

Close-up of 1" to 3/4" adapter. I had to cut off all but one barb on the 3/4" (left) side to get the tubing on.

I chose the battery side (battery removed) because of available mounting points and more direct, if longer, hose path.

[1] Bosch Relay Free by pulling up plastic fastener
[2] Mounting point I used for bracket Remove nut
[3] Second mounting point Didn't want to mess with brake master cylinder, so I just used the exposed stud

(F) Bracket mounted. Made from scraps I had on hand. Someone with more skill could do better.

[3] Here is a shot of the second mounting point. Not many threads available. I used Loctite.

[1] The Bosch relay relocated to its new home.

(E) ProVent mounted on bracket.

Drain from bottom of ProVent zip-tied in place.
I couldn't find a valve I liked, so I capped it for now.

Battery back in place. I don't think one can tighten down the battery clamp after the hoses are in place.

PCV valve [4] and already disconnected hose [5].

3/4" hose (A) rerouted from PCV valve [4] to ProVent.

3/4" hose (A) from ProVent to original intake hose [5]. As others recommended, I used a 3/4"-3/4" coupler to connect to the old hose (D), because it's much easier than getting the old hose off the intake fitting.

Opening cut in engine cover [6]. Bosch relay relocated [1]. Battery cable [7] snaked under ProVent.